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What is 3D Photography?

3D Photography and advanced technology creates a 3D Virtual Model duplicating an exact look and feel of any space. Our 3D Models create a walk through experience of any space, making it seem life-like.

3D Photography is now being used to showcase homes, new construction models, apartment rentals, vacation rentals, senior living, store fronts, restaurants and more.

Marketing with 3D and virtual reality is revolutionizing the way your customers find you in every industry.

This technology allows anyone with a computer, smartphone, or tablet to virtually interact with your space. And this same technology can also be used with the millions of virtual reality glasses that have been sold just this year…and expected to reach upwards of 24 million by 2018. This is an industry in its infancy, which is expected to become a $30 billion dollar market by 2020.

Why 3D Photography Works so Well?

3D Virtual Reality spaces provides access to the third dimension, adding movement to the experience. The movement leads to a deeper experience of the space offering the ability to interact, naturally invoking more senses helping to become absorbed in the 3D space.

Research goes on to support that by engaging in a multi-sensory experience has a higher ability to produce an emotional experience. Most consumers buy based on emotion.

Research indicates that consumers distort their reality based on real experiences as well as on media-based experiences, and that no distinction is being made between the two (Keen et al., 2004).

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